Legacy Platforms

Organisations face a daunting task in managing risks tied to legacy platforms, especially concerning encrypted communications. These systems, crucial for daily operations, are riddled with vulnerabilities due to outdated support and the need for modern security measures, leaving them open to malicious activity.

The reluctance to upgrade these systems stems from the high costs involved, yet postponing updates only heightens the risk of cyber-attacks. Legacy systems often operate on unsupported software with known security gaps, making them easy targets for malicious exploits. The lack of vendor support and security updates further exacerbates the risk, as does the inflexibility of these systems to adapt to emerging malicious techniques.

Venari Security offers a strategic solution to this dilemma. Our tool enhances visibility into legacy encryption protocols, enabling organisations to enforce detailed security policies tailored to specific applications or services. By setting clear rules, Venari Security helps maintain a secure environment where only approved communications are allowed, significantly reducing the attack surface and potential risk exposure.

Our solution allows organisations to adapt as encryption technology advances, protecting legacy systems against evolving cyber risks. With the capability to monitor and alert on suspicious activities in near real-time, Venari Security ensures that any irregularities in encrypted traffic are promptly identified and highlighted.

Venari Security’s approach to encrypted traffic analysis is essential for safeguarding against vulnerabilities inherent in legacy systems. Organisations can secure their operations against current risks while strategically preparing for future system upgrades, effectively balancing the maintenance of critical legacy systems with robust cybersecurity defence.

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