Elevating Data Security and Compliance Management

The Modern Imperative: Prioritising Data Security and Compliance

The Venari Security Cryptographic Assessment analyses and assesses the encrypted traffic communications across your entire infrastructure, including data centres, private cloud, or specific targeted areas, to highlight the state of encryption used within your environments.


V-Comply is a robust solution designed to empower organisations in efficiently managing their compliance requirements.

By providing real-time insights into encrypted communications, it mitigates the risk of compliance-related issues, penalties, and equips organisations with the visibility required to meet the evolving regulatory landscape.

Compliance Customisation

Granular Rule Creation

V-Comply allows organisations to build granular rules, ensuring applications and services meet both internal standards and external regulations such as PCI-DSS, MiFID II, HIPAA, and GDPR.

The flexibility of V-Comply future-proofs your business against evolving regulations in encrypted traffic across markets, sectors, and geographies.

Unparalleled Visibility

V-Comply uniquely monitors the level of encryption for every session in transit, actively negotiating and in-use encryption in real-time. This real-time visualisation ensures that encryption standards are continuously maintained, reducing the risk for applications and services.

Compliance Validation and Reporting

Implementing a well-defined encryption standard as part of an operational risk strategy, V-Comply helps organisations define, measure, and monitor all encrypted communications based on standards such as NIST 800-52.

This strategic approach minimizes the risks associated with data breaches and helps prevent fraudulent activities and financial losses.

Key Features
and Benefits

Single Platform Control

Centralized encrypted communication compliance

The platform offers an expansive view and a vast archive of historical evidence, efficiently identifying outliers and anomalies that traditional methods would miss.

Effortless Compliance Assurance

Tactical Insights:

Real-time visualisation with integration into 3rd party platforms.

Granular rule creation for encrypted communication

Ability to monitor all encrypted traffic from multiple network monitoring points for complete coverage and highest accuracy.

Rapid Identification and Reporting

Identify and report non-compliant clients

Rapid identification of vulnerabilities and compliance risks.

Reduced audit cost

Provide continuous validation and reporting of privacy and regulatory standards, ensuring compliance across the network estate.

Actionable Insights

Identify encryption misconfiguration on clients and servers

Easily identify, report, and take action on vulnerabilities and non-compliances from a single source of data.

Apply compliance standards selectively

Reduce the cost of compliance and accelerate actionable violations against standards.

Be Quantum Ready

V-Comply not only addresses current compliance needs but also positions your organisation to adapt seamlessly to encryption standards now and in the quantum future.

20 November 2023
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