Our external cryptographic discovery tool to give you insights into your external encrypted attack surface and visibility over your network.

What is

In depth analysis of your external TLS attack surface. Uncover exploitable vulnerabilities and recommendations in an easy way to read report with industry insights. TLS and cryptography stand as the pivotal and extensively employed security protocol within organizational frameworks, facilitating security across external and internal system accesses by users and third-party suppliers, systems, and APIs. However, they tend to be opaque and hard to understand or mitigate for organizations.

Venari V-Discover helps you gain command over your organization’s security through proactive understanding and monitoring of your TLS configurations including:

  • Your external TLS/SSL Vulnerability Risk
  • TLS compliance with the different international standards
  • Certificates issues and problems
  • Your encryption usage across all subdomains
  • Protocols accepted by the different subdomains.

Identify old and out-of-date SSL/TLS versions and the associated infrastructure.

The use of deprecated or out-of-date protocols.

Vulnerabilities within specific encryption protocols.

The use of weak encryption.

Sessions that have negotiated null payload encryption.

Weak or vulnerable public key distribution.

Self-signed certificates used on production or other business-critical platforms.

Certificate expiry and long-life certificates that do not conform with standards.

Access your free cryptographic discovery assessment

Access your risk profile, ensure compliance with NIST, NCSC, NSA, Venari Security and other benchmarks.

Gain visibility into your company’s cryptographic attack surface and leverage insights against existing industry benchmarks with V-Discover


We scan all your subdomains related to a DNS and extract the key and important data that matters helping uncover hidden gems.


Our scanners (not pen-testing) inspect all the TLS/SSL information across your external domains to give all the information and details.


Send you a PDF report that includes all the important insights, data and recommendations to take improve your external TLS security.


We help you monitor changes and non-compliance in your external TLS domains.

Choosing the right solution

All your External Subdomains
for multiple domains


10 November 2023
US Government Advises Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography
10 November 2023
Quantum Readiness: Migration to Post-Quantum Cryptography