3rd Party Supply Chain

In the era of digital connectivity, supply chains and third parties pose significant cyber risks, challenging traditional risk assessment methods. Venari Security offers an innovative solution to address these challenges, focusing on continuous visibility into the cyber threats faced by supply chain partners and third parties.

Unlike point-in-time assessments, Venari Security provides a dynamic, real-time view of related risks, identifying ongoing cyber campaigns against suppliers. This proactive approach goes beyond vulnerability evaluation, significantly enhancing risk management strategies. The solution seamlessly integrates into existing workflows, ensuring improved operating procedures without disruptions. By monitoring external IP ranges and detecting suspicious activities, Venari Security empowers organisations to maintain operational efficiency while gaining a comprehensive view of third-party exposure.

Leveraging the V-Detect solution signifies a strategic move towards a more proactive and resilient approach to supply chain and third-party risk management, crucial for safeguarding against evolving cyber threats.