V-Detect – Data Sheet

Addressing the industry challenge of time-consuming threat intelligence analysis, V-Detect emerges as a strategic tool empowering security, intelligence, and risk professionals to make faster, informed decisions.

Utilising a novel approach, the platform gathers real-time information on emerging and active cyber campaigns, offering a comprehensive view of historical evidence to identify outliers and recurring threat actor tactics. With a focus on proactive threat neutralization, V-Detect enhances defensive and offensive capabilities, enabling the precise identification and unmasking of elusive adversaries.

The platform’s continuous monitoring ensures swift detection of both latent and ongoing threats, reducing operational challenges and providing real-time insights into genuine breaches. Leveraging advanced domain intelligence, V-Detect proactively combats fraudulent activities, targeting threats like phishing and cybersquatting domains. Ultimately, V-Detect offers a unique and powerful solution for predicting, preventing, and neutralizing cyber threats, enhancing societal protection in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity.