Cryptographic Discovery Assessment

Venari Security’s External Cryptographic Discovery Assessment (ECDA) provides organisations with a wide range of benefits, extending beyond technical security. This assessment can result in financial savings, increased trust, competitive advantages, and a more resilient business model. By addressing vulnerabilities related to TLS and SSL external domain connections, organisations can bolster their reputation in the digital […]


In the evolving landscape of cyber risk, traditional methods for assessing the cyber maturity of organisations involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are proving insufficient. Venari Security introduces a solution designed to address these limitations by providing instant visibility into active cyber campaigns throughout the M&A process. This approach offers real-time insights into the threat […]

Cyber Controls Verification

Traditional methods of threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment often fall short of addressing the complexities of today’s cyber landscape. Venari Security introduces a solution designed for systems integrators and consulting partners to enhance cyber threat assessments by providing real-time visibility into active threats and breaches. Unlike conventional approaches, Venari Security ensures no active threats are […]

3rd Party Supply Chain

In the era of digital connectivity, supply chains and third parties pose significant cyber risks, challenging traditional risk assessment methods. Venari Security offers an innovative solution to address these challenges, focusing on continuous visibility into the cyber threats faced by supply chain partners and third parties. Unlike point-in-time assessments, Venari Security provides a dynamic, real-time […]

TLS Hygiene

In today’s modern enterprise, encrypted communications have become the primary mode of communication, driven by the benefits of digital transformation. However, challenges arise, particularly in encryption hygiene, as quantum computing poses new threats. Governments mandate comprehensive cryptographic asset discovery, influencing the private sector to re-evaluate encryption strategies. The lack of a defined responsibility for end-to-end […]

Privacy and Regulation

In the dynamic landscape of data privacy and regulations, enterprises grapple with the need for robust tools to ensure compliance without sacrificing operational efficiency. This datasheet highlights the challenges posed by increasing encryption mandates across various regulatory frameworks and explores how encrypted traffic analysis can revolutionise enterprises’ approach to privacy, compliance, and regulatory requirements. The […]

Brand Protection Services

In the digital age, safeguarding a brand’s reputation is crucial amid rising cyber threats exploiting brand equity. V-Detect Brand Protection Service (BPS) is at the forefront, countering threats like phishing and intellectual property theft. With advanced domain intelligence, it pre-emptively identifies and mitigates potential risks, ensuring swift neutralisation. By disrupting the malicious use of brand […]

Legacy Platforms

Organisations face a daunting task in managing risks tied to legacy platforms, especially concerning encrypted communications. These systems, crucial for daily operations, are riddled with vulnerabilities due to outdated support and the need for modern security measures, leaving them open to malicious activity. The reluctance to upgrade these systems stems from the high costs involved, […]

3rd Party Risks

Reliance on third-party vendors is essential in the modern business world, but it brings complex security challenges, especially in managing encrypted communications. Venari Security offers a robust solution to these challenges, ensuring your enterprise can maintain secure, compliant, and risk-managed interactions with third parties. Our solution shines a light on the often opaque area of […]