In the evolving landscape of cyber risk, traditional methods for assessing the cyber maturity of organisations involved in mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are proving insufficient. Venari Security introduces a solution designed to address these limitations by providing instant visibility into active cyber campaigns throughout the M&A process. This approach offers real-time insights into the threat […]

Cyber Controls Verification

Traditional methods of threat intelligence and vulnerability assessment often fall short of addressing the complexities of today’s cyber landscape. Venari Security introduces a solution designed for systems integrators and consulting partners to enhance cyber threat assessments by providing real-time visibility into active threats and breaches. Unlike conventional approaches, Venari Security ensures no active threats are […]

3rd Party Supply Chain

In the era of digital connectivity, supply chains and third parties pose significant cyber risks, challenging traditional risk assessment methods. Venari Security offers an innovative solution to address these challenges, focusing on continuous visibility into the cyber threats faced by supply chain partners and third parties. Unlike point-in-time assessments, Venari Security provides a dynamic, real-time […]

V-Detect – Data Sheet

Addressing the industry challenge of time-consuming threat intelligence analysis, V-Detect emerges as a strategic tool empowering security, intelligence, and risk professionals to make faster, informed decisions. Utilising a novel approach, the platform gathers real-time information on emerging and active cyber campaigns, offering a comprehensive view of historical evidence to identify outliers and recurring threat actor […]

Brand Protection Services

In the digital age, safeguarding a brand’s reputation is crucial amid rising cyber threats exploiting brand equity. V-Detect Brand Protection Service (BPS) is at the forefront, countering threats like phishing and intellectual property theft. With advanced domain intelligence, it pre-emptively identifies and mitigates potential risks, ensuring swift neutralisation. By disrupting the malicious use of brand […]